June 7, 2010
Hello world,

A week ago I updated my site on several pages.
New Clips Of The Week are:
- Don't Give It Up, Survival and The Madness.
There is also new Juke Of The Month (June) with the following slideshows:
- Jam Side Down, Better Times, Democracy and Shine On.
The Album Of The Month June is: Don't Stop.
There are also 3 new selfmade singlesleeves on the Gallery-page.
I uploaded 144 clips/slideshows on You Tube. Last week more than
10.000 viewers so far, which I'm very proud of.
Have fun and keep on watching!





May 2, 2010
Hello world,

It's been a month now since my last blog, so here's a new one.
I uploaded some 30 new slideshows/clips on You Tube.
Hope you like them.
This weekend I updated my site on almost every page.
There is a new Juke Of The Month for May.
Clip Of The Week regularly updated to week 18.
At the Specials-page there's an interesting slideshow/clips
which I have named: End Of The Road - The Missing Live Album.
There is also a new 12GoldBars 'radioshow' which means 12
new clips. I try to make every three...

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March 28, 2010
Hello world,

Just updated a few pages of this site.
Clip Of The Week: Lucinda, Heartburn, Tossin' And Turnin', Let's Start Again.
Jukebox: The Anniversary Waltz, Heavy Daze, Survival, You Let Me Down.
Album Of The Month: Rock 'Til You Drop.

I must say that I'm very pleased with the number of visitors to my site.
After one month more than 3000 people saw the clips/slideshows on You Tube.
I'm very proud of it. But the most important to me is, I like to do this.
I hope you enjoy the new clips.

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March 15, 2010

Hello world,

I put up two new clips (slideshows) on my website:
- Doing It All For You.
- Tilting At The Mill.
I would like to thank you all for visiting my website. It's really above my expectations.
As I said I had a lot of clips in store, I now have put them on You Tube. I hope you like them.
That's it for this week.



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March 6, 2010

Hello world,

It's been a week now that I published my website to the world. I'm very pleased with the number op people who visited the site. I'm also pleased with the number of views to the clips. Over 1000 views now.
As promised I should update my site regularly.
The new updates are:

Clip Of The Week: Sea Cruise and I'm Watching Over You.
Album Of The Month: In The Army Now.
Juke Of The Month: I Didn't Mean It, That's Alright, I'll Never Get Over You and One By One.
Specials: This time about John D...

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February 28, 2010
Hello world,

This is my first blog. Today I introduce my website to the world via the Status Quo Message Board.
I like to work with b-sides and bonustracks. This year you can find a lot Status Quo post 1985 stuff.
Next year there will be a lot of the older Status Quo material.
What can you find on this website:

Clip Of The Week, to start with Late Last Night.
Album Of The Month, to start with Under The Influence.
Juke Of The Month, to start with Thinking Of You, The Madness, Sea Cruise and Beautiful...

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